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Becoming a Part of the Promising Future in Online Booking

Business partnerships and expansion across countries and continents has become remarkably easier as the world has become ‘borderless’. Government policies are also encouraging travelers: visa and fiscal policies, infrastructure development across borders (tunnels, highways). Following such encouraging global industry growth, hotel room demand is potentially going to rise as well, most likely through online booking.Hence, hotels have to reevaluate their distribution strategy in order to maximize revenue. One of the ultimate distribution channels is in fact the Hotel’s own website, as it is a relatively low-cost and high ROI-generating distribution channel, compared to others. Major hotel chains have implemented this strategy and continue to gain control over their rates and allotment. A reliable reservation management system is an essential factor here.

An ideal reservation management system should convey the needs of hotelier and also those of its guests. Pelican reservation system provides many more features than any simple reservation system. Not only does it enable the hotelier to adjust rates for every market segment (Internet Users, travel agents, corporate clients), setting inventory, providing necessary reports; Pelican System also boasts such features as instant confirmation and advance payment facility (benefits most relevant to travel agents and corporate clients). 

However, poor design and a user-unfriendly website are still common with many hotels - let alone having their own reservation management system. Thus, Pelican system helps a hotel not only to manage reservations, but also to enhance a hotel’s website attraction through a well-designed reservation page. Potential guests can view necessary information, as they will have studied from a hotel’s website: package promotions, the hotel direction, room preview and along with many more. On top of all, Pelican system is user-friendly both for hotels to operate and also for the guests to make reservations.

Hotels with Pelican system can embrace more guest booking, particularly from their own website, as well as implementing their own distribution strategy (i.e. setting room rate and inventory) and at the same time solving the poor website design problem.