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US Airways & Northwest Airlines Match Delta

US Airways and Northwest
Airlines quickly matched Delta Air Lines SimpliFares in select markets
this morning. “As we predicted earlier today, the major legacy carriers are beginning to
match Delta’s aggressive new pricing strategies,” says Tom Parsons, CEO of, an internet travel information site. “Currently, we expect
these consumer-friendly fares and policies to be adopted by the other
major carriers such as American, Continental and United over the next 24

US Airways and Northwest have for now avoided matching Delta fares in
competitors’ hub markets, such as American in Dallas-Fort Worth,
Continental in Houston and United in Denver, says Parsons.

“We have not seen a major change like this since 1992 when American
introduced its simplified airfare system,” says Parsons. “With Delta
cutting coach airfares up to 50 percent, reducing the number of airfares
it offers to only four and giving customers more flexibility in booking
with the elimination of a Saturday-night stay, the carrier will shake up
the industry.”

“This is great news for both business and leisure travelers,” says Parsons.