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Eurostar Launches Wi-Fi Service at Waterloo and Ashford International

has launched Wi-Fi internet access in its Waterloo International terminal and at Ashford International station.
The wireless network will be accessible to all passengers in Eurostar’s Waterloo and Ashford International departure lounges, including the business lounges at Waterloo and the business area at Ashford International. 

The service will enable business and leisure travellers to use their wireless-enabled laptops or PDAs to connect to the internet and email services without having to plug directly into a telephone socket.

Travellers can use the Wi-Fi service - ReadytoSurf (TM) provided by Broadreach Networks - by purchasing access vouchers from Eurostar’s ticket office, travel centre or information desks. Alternatively customers will be able to purchase time using a credit card or use one of the many roaming partners with whom Broadreach deals.

Paul Charles, Director of Communications, Eurostar, said: “Business travellers choose Eurostar as it offers the most hassle-free journey between London and the Continent.  Introducing Wi-Fi access to Waterloo and Ashford gives our customers more time to catch up on work before they travel and ensures they arrive at their destination fully prepared.

“Eurostar is constantly looking at ways to enhance the service it offers to business travellers.  The launch of the ReadytoSurf(tm) Wi-Fi service in our UK terminals follows the recent introduction of our refurbished train interiors which feature power sockets for laptops and mobiles.  Next year, trials begin with two suppliers for our onboard Wi-Fi service.”


Wi-Fi internet access is also available in Eurostar’s Paris terminal and will be launched in its Brussels terminal next year.