Breaking Travel News Launches First Gift Certificates, the website
that specializes in bookings for sightseeing, tours, theme parks and
attractions worldwide, is now the first travel site to offer gift
certificates that can be used to purchase any of the numerous travel tours
and attractions available on the site, which includes approximately 4,000
products in 280 cities and 44 countries worldwide. The gift certificates can be redeemed during the holidays and year round
to book a vast range of offerings, from theater tickets to sporting events
to whale watching, walking tours, wine tasting, theme parks, museum tours
and even mundane (but must-have) items like airport parking and shuttle
transfers to and from airports and hotels. The site currently features
timely holiday activity ideas, ranging from a Holiday Lights Tour of New
York City to Dinner & Fireworks on a luxury cruise of Sydney Harbor.
Here’s how the new gift certificates work:

* Gift Certificates are available online for $25, $50, $100, $200 and $500
and are valid for all the tours, sightseeing, theme parks and attractions
found on Buying a Viator Gift Certificate takes
less than one minute. * Certificates may be emailed directly to the
recipient (good news for those who have left their shopping to the last
minute ... ), or printed and slipped into gift boxes or stockings for
personal delivery. * Recipients redeem their Gift Certificate on Buyers who select an offering with a greater value than the
gift certificate can complete their purchase with a credit card. Unused
amounts are stored on the site for later use.