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German Hotel Opens Private Cinema

Hotels are always looking for new and innovative services to offer guests, and the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic has taken this philosophy to a new level with the opening of a private cinema, PrivateMax, featuring the latest video and DVD technology.
This exclusive cinema seats eight for a unique experience and is available 24 hours a day for private viewing of television broadcasts or films on DVD. The cinema can also play host to corporate presentations or workshops, with laptop connections possible.

A wide range of DVDs are available for digital projection onto the huge, specially designed, micro-perforated screen.

Rates offered to hotel guests or for private hire are EUR 99 (1 film up to 4 persons) and EUR 149 (1 film up to the maximum of 8 persons).

Rental fees for corporate clients are EUR 250 (half-day) and EUR 450 (full-day).