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Sabre Airline Solutions Launches New Set of Products

Sabre Airline Solutions has launched a set of products to help carriers cut operational costs, manage inventory, enhance customer focus and improve revenues. The SabreSonic suite of products comprises eight components, and is available immediately.
SabreSonic is the first passenger management solution to be built on open systems architecture, enabling the suite of products to ‘talk’ more easily to other systems or technology used by an airline and reducing the need for complex connections. More than 10 carriers from throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region have signed agreements for products within the SabreSonic suite.

The eight SabreSonic modules help carriers sell seats and manage inventory in every sales channel, streamline check-in and passenger processing, offer e-ticketing for themselves and for partner airlines, offer fares according to price or itinerary, and price complex itineraries involving multiple carriers and segments.

The SabreSonic Inventory module provides unprecedented flexibility and point-of-sale based inventory controls that can increase airlines’ overall revenue and yields.  In addition, SabreSonic Inventory utilises a new approach to availability processing that reduces costs by as much as 75 percent and maintains revenue integrity through real-time application of inventory controls.  The open systems architecture provides up to 70 percent savings in inventory system maintenance and development costs. 

The SabreSonic Web module is an online booking engine that enables the airline to display and sell its inventory as well as those of selected travel partners such as other airlines and car and hotel providers, allowing passengers to manage reservations, including ticketing and web check in.

“Carriers are increasingly demanding flexibility from their technology systems,” said Gianni Marostica, Sabre Airline Solutions’ president of airline passenger solutions. “As their business model evolves, airlines need to keep the longer view in mind with systems that can offer maximum scope and scale to accommodate future growth and model changes.  Our open systems approach provides this flexibility to airlines across the travel value chain, from shopping to fulfilment.”


Sabre Airline Solutions has also recently launched Customer Insight and Customer Data Delivery - two new features of the SabreSonic portfolio that provide airlines with new ways to enhance the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

Customer Insight, the industry’s first true operational customer care program allows airlines to create, update and share customer information in real time.  This customer centric approach allows airlines to shift focus from merely processing passengers to providing travellers personalised customer service.  Customer Date Delivery provides detailed travel patten information for hosted airlines through passenger information in both near real time and scheduled timeframes.

“We believe a customer care programme is a business strategy, not a solution.  Therefore we have made a significant investment in customer-focused open systems platforms to provide an integrated view of the traveller,” said Marostica.