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The Ultimate New York Body Plan Comes to Europe

What do Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Linda Evangalista and Faith Hill have in common? They all have fabulous figures and they are all devotees of The Ultimate New York Body Plan, pioneered in the states by Manhattan-based David Kirsch, fitness trainer to the stars.

Now for the first time the supplements featured in The Ultimate New York Body Plan are being launched in the UK, exclusively from the Nutri centre, the UK’s leading supplier of complementary and alternative healthcare products.

By following The Ultimate New York Body Plan you could shed up to 8% body fat, lose 12lbs and drop two dress sizes, but it takes commitment to get a body like the stars. The initial 14-day boot camp program stipulates an hour and a half of strenuous cardio exercise each day.

At the same time you must follow the ultimate nutrition plan aimed at minimising calorie consumption and maximising fat burning. To do this David Kirsch prescribes his A B C D E and F’s of nutrition. No Alcohol, no Bread, no starchy Carbs, no Dairy, no Extra sweets, no Fruit and no bad Fats.

You will need to drink two high protein shakes a day, and supplement your diet with additional vitamins and minerals. To make the Plan easier to follow, David has produced Sound Mind Sound Body Meal Replacement Powder, in great tasting chocolate and vanilla flavours, and Sound Mind Sound Body Vitamin/Mineral Powder, both £29.95 and available exclusively through the Nutri Centre.


Getting Started   And to help get you started on The Ultimate New York Body Plan to sculpt your body, safely burn fat and retrain your mind for healthier lifestyle alternatives, the Nutri Centre is offering these two products together for the introductory price of £54.90, a saving of £5.00 on the regular combined cost of £59.90.

David Kirsch’s book, The Ultimate New York Body Plan, along with accompanying DVD, is also published this month in the UK by McGraw-Hill. The book explains the Plan in straightforward segments, including Ultimate Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation and Maintenance. The DVD features easy to follow workouts to complement the nutritional advice. 

The Ultimate New York Body Plan Book and DVD package is also available from The Nutri Centre for £17.99, a saving of £2.00 on the regular price of £19.99.

David Kirsch, and his elegant boutique Madison Square Club, are famous across America for getting A-list stars into shape with personal training based on a military style boot camp. Now people in Britain can access David’s trademark secrets, push their personal boundaries, and use The Ultimate New York Body Plan to achieve the same results at home.

To buy The Ultimate New York Body Plan Book and DVD, and the Sound Mind Sound Body Supplements call The Nutri Centre on 0800 587 2290, or order on line at

The Nutri Centre is Britain’s leading supplier of nutritional supplements, complementary medicines and natural lifestyle publications.  The over 22,000 lines in stock include most nationally known brands, plus many breakthrough formulations sourced from leading edge manufacturers across the world. 

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