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The Card That’s the Height in Luxury Gifts

Question: What do you give the person
who has everything? Answer: The gift of time and flight. Marquis Jet
offers the gift that provides literally endless opportunities. The Marquis Jet Card,, provides the
convenience, freedom and flexibility to fly in complete comfort on the
exclusive NetJets(R) fleet. It provides 25 hours of flight time (wheels up
to wheels down) on the best-maintained fleet of private jets, serviced by
the most experienced and competent pilots in the world. (The Marquis Jet
Card costs between $109,900 and $339,900, depending on the type of
aircraft selected).

“With the Marquis Jet Card you can take your family and friends on a
special vacation,” said Ken Austin, executive vice president of Marquis
Jet. “How often can you go downhill skiing and sailing in the same week?
With the Marquis program there are no more connections, delays, long lines
or baggage claim, all of which typically make your vacation a harrowing

The Marquis program is widely acclaimed. “Think of the uses,” said Andrew
Harper, editor of the “bible of travel” Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report.
“Vacationing with your kids and grandkids on the Cape, golfing the
Monterey Peninsula on a whirlwind for eight, recapturing that honeymoon in
the Caribbean, doing the Super Bowl in style, a 3-day getaway for the
board of directors of getting anywhere when your time is limited. Time is
money: why waste it!”

As a Marquis Jet Card Owner, you not only receive all the privileges and
benefits of flying with the NetJets fleet and service, but also receive
special value added benefits from Marquis Jet’s alliance partners.

For instance, you receive the benefits of the Mayo Clinic Executive Travel
Response(R) program providing Card Owners and guests with access to
medical support from Mayo Clinic while they are on a NetJets aircraft or
at their destination anywhere in the world, around the clock.


Highly trained and experienced critical care flight nurses and physicians
are a phone call away, offering the security and value of the very best
medical assistance for Marquis Jet Card Owners and their traveling
companions wherever they may be and at all times.

This holiday season Marquis Jet is offering the gift that offers literally
endless opportunities. Provided by Marquis Jet
(, the global leader in private jet cards, and
sold in increments of 25 hours, the Marquis Jet Card is the ultimate
holiday gift. The card provides the convenience, freedom and flexibility
to fly in complete comfort on the exclusive NetJets(R) fleet.

The Marquis Jet fleet is provided by NetJets through an exclusive alliance
between the two companies. NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, is
the worldwide leader in fractional jet ownership. NetJets owns the world’s
largest and most diversified fleet of more than 500 aircraft, staffs 2,800
highly trained and experienced pilots, and provides the world’s safest and
most secure private aviation travel solutions.