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US Airways Introduces New GoFares

US Airways announced today that
it is adding two new cities—Hartford, Conn., and Jacksonville, Fla.—
to its array of markets where the airline offers low, simple GoFares(R)
from Philadelphia. Philadelphia-Hartford GoFares start as low as $29* one-way, with last-
minute fares starting at $49* one-way. GoFares for
Philadelphia-Jacksonville travel start at $79* one-way, and last minute
fares are available as low as $129* one-way.

* US Airways’ GoFares are simple, however, in addition to the fare, the
federal government requires that the company collect a tax of $3.10 every
time a customer takes off on one of US Airways’ planes, plus $2.50 per
segment, up to $10 per roundtrip (the September 11th Security Fee). Some
of the airports that customers might visit also charge up to $4.50 for
passing through, but the total is capped at $18 per roundtrip. The lowest
fares must be purchased 14 days in advance, are one-way, and are
nonrefundable. Last minute fares are also available one-way. The lowest
Hartford GoFares and last minute Jacksonville GoFares are available on
nonstop flights only. Other restrictions may apply. For more details, see

US Airways has many other airline partners, and a part or all of a
Philadelphia-Hartford trip might be operated by US Airways Express carrier
Mesa Airlines, and part or all of a Philadelphia-Jacksonville trip might
be operated by US Airways Express carriers Mesa and PSA Airlines, or by
our Star Alliance partner United Airlines(R). For all of the details about
GoFares, including a few other restrictions, please go to

US Airways introduced the first phase of its GoFares in Philadelphia on
April 29, 2004, and GoFares are now available on 23 routes to and from
Philadelphia and 40 routes from Washington, as well as in select markets
from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Orlando and Tampa, Fla., and cities across