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Worldspan Introduces Interactive Maps for Hotels

Worldspan, L.P. today announced the
launch of Worldspan Interactive Maps(SM) for Hotels, an industry leading
solution available worldwide for travel agencies, e-commerce sites and
corporations to search and book North American and European hotels. Users
can view hotel locations on an easy-to-read map and access seamlessly
integrated property information in a fully interactive, visual environment
that saves them time and money while increasing productivity and improving
customer- shopping enjoyment. Interactive Maps for Hotels presents hotel locations plotted on a
geographic map with “mouse-over” technology that displays vital
information about each property, enabling effortless comparison-shopping
among multiple hotels and instant-booking capabilities. By mousing-over
each hotel, a pop-up box appears displaying photos, property details,
real-time rates and availability, property classifications, as well as
links to broader property descriptions and expanded rooms/rates. The
product eliminates time-intensive research to find properties based on
location and the need to use multiple tools to access complete hotel
information and booking functionality.

“Worldspan Interactive Maps for Hotels is one of the most advanced and
best resources for booking hotels, and we are extremely pleased with the
solution,” said Katie Mancl, director of Marathon Travel and Cruise Shops,
an agency headquartered in Central Wisconsin that provides corporate and
leisure travel services. “The detailed map allows us to easily access
hotels based on location, a common request, and to quickly provide
important shopping information with just the touch of a mouse. Interactive
Maps for Hotels is exactly the caliber of technology innovation we expect
from Worldspan. It will help us reduce costs and increase revenues, while
providing better service to our customers.”

“Interactive Maps for Hotels is another example of how Worldspan is
putting leading-edge technology to work for our supplier, agency and
corporate customers,” said Ninan Chacko, senior vice president -
e-Commerce and Product Planning for Worldspan. “We are focused on creating
technology that provides demonstrated results and value through increased
productivity and enhanced customer service. Interactive Maps delivers
these benefits, equipping our customers with yet another advanced solution
for retaining and growing their businesses.”