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Delta Seeks Customer Support for China

Delta Air Lines
today announced it is seeking support from customers for the carrier’s goal to
provide service between the United States and the Peoples Republic of China.
The carrier has launched a link from its web site that offers
customers information about the carrier’s goal to provide service and how to
support the carrier’s bid for service.Delta has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Transportation
(DOT) seeking authority to operate from its Atlanta hub the first daily, non-
stop air service between the Southeastern United States and Beijing China. The
service, using Boeing 777 aircraft with Delta’s award-winning BusinessElite
service, will operate between Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
and Beijing. If approved by the DOT, Delta plans to start its service
March 25, 2006.
  In talking about the carrier’s Web site, Jerry Grinstein, Delta’s CEO
said, “We have established a link on our web site for customers
who’d like to find out more about the proposed service. We hope they’ll let
the government know that they’ll add their support to Delta’s application.
  “Service between Atlanta and Beijing will be particularly beneficial for
passengers traveling to and from the southeastern United States, one of the
fastest-growing regions, but one that still lacks a U.S. gateway to China. In
fact, no U.S. carrier provides service to China east of the Mississippi. As
Delta works to implement its new strategic plan designed to create the right
airline for the new era, gaining our first-ever service to China will support
our goal of creating and sustaining profitable growth, which in turn gives
customers more choices,” he said.
  “Delta has sought access to the China market for many years. Combined with
the huge connecting opportunities at our Atlanta hub—the largest hub in the
world—this daily service will enable us to provide convenient, single-
connection service to China, reducing flying time for vast numbers of
travelers and shippers throughout the eastern and southeastern U.S. Customers
currently traveling through the Atlanta gateway can travel conveniently on new
one-stop service from more than 100 cities,” Grinstein added.