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Beaches Negril benchmarked for GREEN GLOBE 21

Beaches Negril has achieved the prestigious GREEN GLOBE 21 Benchmarked Certificate under the new GREEN GLOBE 21 Certification programme. This programme recognises the operation’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standards.The GREEN GLOBE BENCHMARK must be achieved by all organisations prior to becoming GREEN GLOBE certified. Previously, the certification was achieved only through audit of the organisation.

According to the resort’s Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Annika Campbell, “Beaches Negril was built with great consideration for the environment. We are indeed very proud to have been benchmarked.”

She said the Team Members are very focused and understand the importance of conservation, which makes it easier for the hotel to achieve its environmental goals.

According to the Green Globe 21 “Beaches Negril Resort & Spa has spent considerable time benchmarking its energy and water consumption, waste production and disposal as well as implementing an integrated environmental and social policy.

In particular it has achieved Best Practice in the Energy Consumption performance area. These measures will deliver ongoing reduction of non-renewable resources, extensive cost savings and secure a sustainable commercial and ecological future for the business.”


Environmental Director for Sandals Resorts International, Richard May, says, “BeachesÊNegril hasÊsuccessfully undergoneÊannual Green Globe 21 certification assessments since 2001. It is thereforeÊrelatively easyÊto understand that although Green Globe hasÊadjusted the auditing process to include yet anotherÊlevel of checking on the effectiveness of our environmental programmes, Beaches Negril hasÊmadeÊeasy the task of gliding over the hurdles placed before them. It is an achievement ofÊwhich the hotel management and entire line team should be proud.”