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La Cabana further improves environmental practice

Remaining on its “green” path, La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort & Casino in Aruba has instituted a variety of sustainable practices in the past year to further reduce its impact on the environment.Ê“We recognise the necessity of implementing environmentally-sound practices in order to protect the precious resource of our island,” said Lou Roelofsen, La Cabana’s general manager.Ê“Our extremely active and enthusiastic on-property ‘Green Team’ constantly researches methods so La Cabana can remain on the cutting-edge of sustainable technologies and minimize its impact on the environment - as well as save money in the process,” he added.

One example of improved practice is the use of shower heads with water-saving devices that reduces water flow from 4 gallons per minute to 2.2 gallons per minute without affecting the water pressure (in all rooms).

Future projects on the agenda include the implementation of a new energy audit for the entire property in order to develop new strategies; replacement of reciprocating chillers with a more efficient model; new temperatures controls in all guest rooms; and implementation of a building automation system for better management of actual resources (energy, fire alarm, power monitoring, illumination, etc.).