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Hon. Hood says; "soul of Grenada remains undamaged."

As Grenada faces a massive operation to repair itself following the might of Ivan, the islands Minister of Tourism the Honorable Brenda Hood has issued a statement describing how the island will begin to rebuild and become operational once more.

Ê“To our family and friends throughout the world - the people of Grenada greatly appreciate all of the support we have been receiving from a regional and international level.ÊAs you have heard, the effects of Hurricane Ivan have taken an overwhelming toll on the people of Grenada.” Hon. Hood said, she went on;

“Each day we continue to assess the damage and destruction left by this horrific storm.Ê But, while the hurricane may have destroyed our homes, public buildings and resorts, it has not flattened our spirit. The soul of Grenada remains undamaged.”

We recognise it will take considerable time and effort to fully recover and rebuild. While it will be an arduous process, I have no doubt that our beautiful island will be restored to its former glory.Ê As the rebuilding process unfolds I pledge to keep you informed of our progress.”