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Site59 Launches New Search Engine

has launched the 59th-Minute Dash: a powerfully fast new search engine and results page that deliver the power of 50 searches in one.  The new engine gives consumers maximum choice and flexibility whether they know their exact travel dates and destination or they are open-minded in their planning.To provide consumers the “personal touch” often associated with the advice of an expert, this new search engine uses Site59’s unique library of last-minute package inventory and patent-pending functionality unrivaled in online travel. 

When consumers search by date and destination, Site59 works like a personal shopper—not only returning the requested results, but also including relevant alternatives displayed in a new dashboard view.  Alternatives include: other dates for the chosen destination, nearby and regional destinations for the chosen dates, and other relevant destinations for the chosen dates based on matching categories such as “Beach,” “Big City,” and “Golf.”  All options are shown with easy-to-compare pricing including taxes from the consumer’s departure city, eliminating the inconvenient multiple searches and back-clicking that travelers must endure on other sites to save a buck or find what they want.


“Now travelers can see in a glance if staying an extra night will save them money, or if choosing another date or destination will offer them a better value,” said Robert Albert, General Manager of Site59, a Travelocity Company.



Does adding two nights in Bermuda and saving $22 sound right?


A recent search on Site59 for the weekend of September 24th showed that New York City to Bermuda Friday to Sunday cost $606 per person for flight + hotel.  With the new results page, consumers could easily see that they could save $22 per person by adding two nights and staying until Tuesday—for a total of $584 per person.  Prices for the same trip were also available for other dates.  Further down the dashboard, six other Caribbean trips were listed from Nassau to Aruba priced $442-$571, followed by other domestic beach trips, starting at $334—all for the same dates.


Travelers who don’t know can still go


Unlike other travel sites, Site59 doesn’t require that travelers know where and when they want to go before showing the deals.  The new search engine offers the incomparable flexibility of responding to open-ended requests such as “Europe this weekend” or “See all destinations this Friday-Sunday” so travelers can plan their trips with as much or as little information as they have decided.  After choosing their departure city, consumers can choose to search by weekend or region, or refine their search by destination or specific date.


“Site59 has again revolutionized the travel shopping experience, making it easy for travelers to get away as often as they like,” said Albert, “When planning a quick getaway, sometimes destination is important, but often travelers are just looking to get a great deal on ‘anywhere but here’ this weekend.”


Site59 Last-Minute Getaways include flight + hotel (and optional car), flight + car and hotel + car, and they are available to hundreds of domestic and international destinations, from more than 100 U.S. cities, every day.  Bookings can be made from 14 days in advance up to three hours before departure.  Site59 is the only deeply discounted travel site that ensures consumers can choose their exact hotel, airline flights, and rental cars and earn frequent flier miles.