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Vintage Vegas is Back ... With an ‘Over The Top’ Vengeance

The Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas’ largest walkable entertainment and gaming
experience, today announced it has secured Clear Channel Entertainment
Properties to develop and sell exclusive sponsorship and marketing
programs that leverage what is known as the “Over-The-Top, Vintage Vegas”
experience. A 24/7 attraction, the Fremont Street Experience draws more
than 25,000 people each day with attendees staying for an average of four
hours.The centerpiece of the Fremont Street Experience attraction is “Viva
Vision,” billed as “the biggest big screen on the planet.” This
90-foot-high, 1,500-foot-long LED canopy stretches the length of more than
five football fields, hosts five nightly light and sound shows, and is
capable of live video feeds. The video presentations are accompanied by
550,000 watts of concert quality sound, transforming the venue into an
interactive state-of-the art theater. Viva Vision, which made its debut in
June, is the result of a $17 million investment. The capabilities of the
new technology have been demonstrated through three new, spectacular light
and sound shows as well as broadcast feeds of the hit reality-TV series
The Casino.

This unique environment allows marketers to close the gap between product
exposure and trial. As a sponsor’s commercial is shown on the Viva Vision
canopy, consumers can simultaneously interact with the sponsor’s product
via on-site sampling on the pedestrian mall below.

The seven-block open-air pedestrian mall in the heart of the downtown
gaming district, also features two permanent performance stages, free live
entertainment and special events, shopping, dining, and access to 10
legendary hotel/casinos.

Unique, Innovative Marketing Medium

“As traditional media become more fragmented, the natural process is for
them to become more commoditized,” said Jack Myers, Editor, Jack Myers
Report. “Successful media companies are opening non-traditional
communications channels that differentiate them from their competitors and
offer increased value to marketers and agencies. These new channels
include multi-media platforms, event marketing, integration of advertising
and promotion, and other innovative opportunities for marketers to touch
their consumers by capitalizing on the brand relationships media have with


“With the biggest big screen on the planet and 10 legendary Las Vegas
casinos, the Fremont Street Experience is an entertainment and gaming
venue that is unique throughout the world,” said Joseph Schillaci,
President & CEO of Fremont Street Experience. “With ongoing free
entertainment and concerts, the environment at Fremont Street Experience
is a relaxed, party atmosphere that is attractive to visitors and sponsors
alike. Given the number of messages that get lost in the deluge of ads
that bombard the public through traditional mediums, the Fremont Street
Experience stands out as cutting edge means of reaching a receptive
audience in an uncluttered environment. CCE Properties immediately
recognized the inherent value of the venue and understood how to market
our innovative opportunities.”

Depending on a sponsor’s marketing objectives, Clear Channel Entertainment
Properties will package a host of custom branding opportunities, including
nightly commercial spots on the Viva Vision canopy, sponsorships of
spectacular light-and-sound shows and on-site sales and sampling. Naming
rights to the two permanent stages, targeted special events and concert
series are also available to sponsors. In addition to overseeing
sponsorships sales, Clear Channel Entertainment Properties will also
leverage its superior artist relationships to bring high-profile music
acts to Fremont Street Experience’s two performance stages.

“Vegas has never been more popular,” said Bruce Eskowitz, president of
Clear Channel Entertainment Properties. “Now corporate marketers can
parlay true ‘Vintage Vegas’ experiences into positive, fully immersive
consumer interactions with their brands.”