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Lufthansa and United Celebrate 10-year Partnership

Lufthansa and United Airlines have decided on a very special offer for their customers to celebrate their 10-year cooperation. For flights to the USA which are booked between 1st and 30th September and made between 1st October and 9th December with one of the two airlines, there are attractive anniversary prices.During this period, passengers can fly to New York from Frankfurt for as little as 435 Euro. Flights to Washington can be booked starting at 453 Euro, to San Francisco from 555 Euro. These prices apply to online bookings. Flights with a transfer will also be less expensive within the scope of the anniversary promotion. For example, a ticket from Frankfurt via Chicago to Las Vegas will then cost 598 Euro. Flights to Albuquerque will be available for as little as 589 Euro. The precondition for these rates is an advance booking period of at least seven days. Transfers or refunds are not possible.

The partnership of the two airlines started in Atlanta on 1st June 1994. At 10.15 hrs., the first Lufthansa flight took off with a United marketing flight number in the direction of the United States, namely to Atlanta. The initial 40 joint flights per day have, in the meantime, become more than 600 daily code-share flights. Thus, United Airlines is Lufthansa’s largest and most important cooperation partner. The two airlines were also the initiators of the foundation in 1997 of the Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance worldwide.

The customers profit to a great extent from the long-standing, intensive cooperation of the two carriers. As a result of the coordination of the flight schedules and times, today’s passengers not only have convenient links with a total of 16 non-stop destinations in the USA, but also to around 70 other destinations in the “land of unlimited possibilities”.

The partnership is continuously being further developed by the two airlines. With the introduction of the so-called etix-Interlining 2003, an electronic ticket from Lufthansa can now also be used on United Airlines flights. The same applies to upgrades via the mile programmes of the two partners. Since January 2003, Lufthansa and United Airlines have been operating all flights between Europe and the USA under joint profit responsibility. Many synergies are also exploited in the marketing area. In the harmonization of the sales and marketing strategies, the high level of competence of both partners have been united according to the principle “Best of both worlds”. The customer benefits from standardized processes, flexible journeys and simplification when making transfers.