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American Airlines Snacking at 30,000 Feet

Beginning in
September, customers on select flights will help American Airlines choose
a new on-board food option for its main cabin.
American will test new Buy on Board food options—SnAAck Box and LSG Sky
Chefs In-Flight Cafe—that the airline may consider rolling out on
domestic routes based on customer and flight attendant feedback.

Throughout September, customers on select flights can buy an In-Flight
Cafe breakfast and lunch/dinner combination meal for $5-$7 or an a la
carte snack for $3. The meals include a fresh sandwich or a salad and a
variety of pre-packaged snacks, such as Quaker(R) Fruit & Oatmeal Cereal
Bars or Kettle Classics(R) Potato Chips. The In-Flight Cafe will be
offered on flights between the following markets:

—Dallas/Fort Worth-Hartford, Conn.—Dallas/Fort Worth-New York JFK—
Dallas/Fort Worth-Reno, Nev.—Dallas/Fort Worth-Portland, Ore.—New
York JFK-Seattle—New York JFK-Phoenix

During the last two weeks of September, passengers flying on other select
flights will be able to purchase a breakfast or lunch/dinner SnAAck Box
for $3-$5. The SnAAck Box will contain four to five pre-packaged
brand-name snacks such as Kellogg’s(R) Nutri-Grain(R) Muffin Bars,
BALANCE(R) Bar, and Pepperidge Farm(R) Milano(R) cookies. The SnAAck Boxes
will be offered on flights between the following cities:

—Dallas/Fort Worth-Orlando, Fla.—Dallas/Fort Worth-Orange County,
Calif.—Dallas/Fort Worth-Philadelphia—Nashville-Los Angeles


Also, as a part of the trial, passengers on select flights will be able to
choose from a variety of new complimentary snacks. Flight attendants will
provide customers with a high-quality selection of snacks, including
ReaLemon(R) Lemon Cookies, Jelly Belly(R) Jelly Beans, Ocean Spray(R)
Craisins and Rold Gold(R) Pretzels. This test concept will be offered on
flights between the following cities:

  — Dallas/Fort Worth-Seattle
  — Nashville-Los Angeles

“American is committed to making travel easy and convenient for customers,
and we look forward to hearing what they say about the option of buying
food during flights,” said Dan Garton, Executive Vice President-Marketing.
“These food tests are another example of ways that American Airlines works
to better understand what customers value.”

All three options will be offered in conjunction with American’s
complimentary beverage service.

American continually conducts research to meet the needs of its
passengers, including reviewing the food options it offers passengers.
Recently, American introduced low-carbohydrate, high-protein options to
First- Class passengers flying on domestic flights.