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iJET Releases Security Special Report for Republican Convention

iJET Travel Risk Management (iJET) today announced the publication of a special report detailing security and transportation concerns for the 2004 Republican National Convention.  The report outlines security measures now being implemented for the August 30-September 2 convention in New York City, and advises travelers on managing security and transportation delays and disruptions.

“With an anticipated attendance of nearly 50,000, plus the almost unprecedented mobilization of security forces in the city, major congestion on highways and public transportation systems is inevitable. Any security incident could seriously disrupt transportation in the city,” said iJET CEO Bruce McIndoe.  “The biggest issue that security officials are dealing with is the possibility of unruly protests.  Although many groups have planned peaceful demonstrations, the tense security situation could cause a minor outburst to escalate into something much worse.”

iJET reports that a major terrorist incident is unlikely due to the tight security, but travelers should be wary of other potential disruptions, including unruly protests, restrictions at Penn Station and other transportation hubs, overcrowded venues near Madison Square Garden, road closures and security searches and checks. Among other recommendations, iJET advises convention goers to:

* Avoid driving anywhere near Madison Square Garden during the convention: use public transportation or walk instead.

* Avoid all protests because they could become unruly without warning.

* Always carry identification and be prepared for random questioning and searches by authorities.

* Be patient and cooperative if questioned.