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Travel Career Connexxions Partnership with The Travel Institue

Travel Career Connexxions, Inc., the travel industry’s first executive-centric travel jobs and career development site, announced an agreement with The Travel Institute. The reciprocal agreement provides The Travel Institute with an automated travel jobs listing system for travel job openings and career opportunities. “This is an alliance that really makes sense, and will enhance the growth of both organizations,” said Matt Garton, President of Travel Career Connexxions. 

“The Travel Institute provides opportunities for travel industry professionals to assess their current level of knowledge and skill, and meet their career goals through valuable course work, testing and certification.  This industry is rapidly changing and many of our executives are looking for opportunities in other segments and disciplines within the travel industry.  By providing them the opportunity to augment their experience with meaningful education, they are able to more easily make the career change they desire,” said Garton.

In the very near future, Travel Career Connexxions, Inc. will provide online coursework from The Institute at to help travel managers and executives better understand and ultimately land the travel job of their dreams.  “I’m encouraging each of our members to take advantage of this important resource,” said Garton.  This information will be available for download and purchase from the Travel Career Connexxions website, 

In addition, The Travel Institute now offers the Travel Career Connexxions automated travel jobs listing service on its website at  This service allows website visitors to view industry position openings free of charge and provides them with 20% off Travel Career Connexxions subscriptions.

“Our relationship with Travel Career Connexxions underscores our dedication to travel career development and reinforces our role as standard-bearer for professional education,” added David Preece, President and CEO of The Travel Institute. 


Travel Career Connexxions highlights executive level travel jobs, compelling articles and networking opportunities.  The agreement extends free services to human resource professionals and hiring managers to post travel jobs on The Travel Institute site and within the Travel Career Connexxions network.

According to Matt Garton, “Our travel industry executives manage their careers at least as well as they manage their businesses.  They build on their successes, with growth in mind, and our alliance with The Travel Institute will help them do just that. Our articles reveal where growth is and where executive travel job openings can be found. The courses and certifications from The Travel Institute will give them the education and ability to take advantage of those growth opportunities. ” 

Travel Career Connexxions, Inc. provides hotel and travel executives access to executive-level job openings; salary surveys; access to networking “connectors”; and monthly articles that focus on career growth opportunities in eight travel industry sectors including Hotels, Technology, Air, Cruise, Tours, Agents, Car Rentals, and Convention and Visitor Bureaus.