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Kick Aches and Stresses into Touch with the Latest Massage Lounger from Japan

Did you know, that stress at work affects 53% of UK employees, resulting in days off work totaling a loss of £ 3.8billion each year?*

Get yourself sorted with the Sanyo Massage Lounger, which works on the basic principles of Shiatsu, an ancient Japanese massage technique which drives energy flow around the body, relieving aches and pains as well as promoting a general sense of wellbeing.

Just 15 minutes of reclining in this stylish piece of furniture is enough for a great result - a potential 40% reduction in high heart rate levels, which can occur at times of stress and tension.

The chair uses rollers which target acupoints, and focuses on the spinal column, the backs of the knees, the calves, the achilles tendons and the soles of the feet, providing an all-over feeling of relaxation, and a reduction in stiffness and stress.

The chair would be expected to retail for around £2,000.