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Gray Dawes Moves Corporate Headquarrters

Gray Dawes is moving its headquarters to The Octagon in Colchester, in order to build a more cohesive environment that will advance even further the service to its clients.ÊÊ


Gray Dawes employs at its headquarters over 70 employees with responsibilities including travel management and consulting and support services such as IT, finance, marketing and personnel, all working toward the same goal of providing the best service in the travel management industry.Ê The new offices, which will house all departments on one floor, will allow for an atmosphere most conducive to functioning as one unit.


“I am thrilled with the opportunities that this office move creates,” says Ray Hopkins, managing director of Gray Dawes.Ê “By bringing all our teams together in a more accessible environment, our already smooth operations will become even more efficient, which will in turn help us to guide clients in extracting the most value from their travel budgets.Ê Furthermore, we also believe our move reaffirms our commitment to the Colchester area.”