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AA Unveil Streamline Self-Service Check-in Machines

American Airlines enhanced AA Self-Service Check-In machines enable customers to check in for flights in significantly less time - sometimes as little as 30 seconds.  These upgraded machines provide greater convenience, utilizing advanced technology and faster processing speed, so passengers can quickly navigate through the airport to reach their gates.With the enhanced machines passengers can easily check in for as many as four flight segments, print boarding passes (reprints are also allowed), check bags and request an upgrade.  Passengers are also able to request or change seats, or request standby status for an alternate flight.  As an added convenience, the Self-Service Check-In machines now offer a bag-check-in-only option for passengers who have already printed their boarding passes using Flight Check-In at and need only to check bags when arriving at the airport.  Customers can view a quick demonstration of American’s Self-Service Check-In product at

“The enhanced AA Self-Service Check-In machines put customers in the pilot’s seat by offering more control over the airport check-in experience,” said Maya Leibman, Managing Director - Airport Automation at American.  “Whether passengers are flying for business or pleasure, American Airlines understands that our customers’ time and options are valuable.  With convenience in mind, we offer Self-Service Check-In machines, as well as other timesaving tools such as flight-status notification and Flight Check-In at to help customers quickly move through the airport and on to their travel destination.”

To date, American’s enhanced Self-Service Check-In machines have been deployed in nearly 100 airports throughout the United States, including Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, and New York’s La Guardia and JFK airports. 
In its ongoing commitment to giving customers what they value, American continues to explore opportunities to deploy technology solutions that will make the travel experience as convenient and comfortable as possible.  These enhanced Self-Service Check-In machines will enable quicker deployment of future features and services.
American Airlines offers more than 700 AA Self-Service Check-In machines in 94 airports across the country.  American is the first U.S. carrier to offer self-service check-in for return travel from Europe to the United States via AA Self-Service Check-In machines at Paris Charles DeGaulle International Airport and London Heathrow Airport.  In 2003, American Airlines Self-Service Check-In usage tripled, with more than 20 million passengers checking in at its machines.