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KLM Reopens Junior Jet Lounge at Schiphol

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today reopened its fully renovated and refurnished KLM Junior Jet Lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The lounge is intended for young KLM passengers, aged 5 to 17, traveling without an accompanying adult. The lounge is now subdivided into three areas - one interactive, one active, and one passive. In the interactive area, the children have access to the latest Nintendo video games. They can also watch television and the latest movies on a giant screen.

In the active area of the lounge, the young globetrotters can make puzzles, draw, and play with Lego and Knex.

In the passive area, the kids can lounge on colorful bean bags. They can also take a nap in the bedroom.

The KLM Junior Jet Lounge is part of KLM’s special Unaccompanied Minors Service for children between the ages of 5 and 12. KLM gives these children extra attention and ensures their safety throughout the flight. KLM staff personally ensures that the children rendezvous with their prearranged minder on reaching their final destination.

Teenagers aged 13 to 17 are allowed to travel alone, but are also welcome to make use of KLM’s Unaccompanied Minors Service.


The KLM Junior Jet Lounge is located on the Holland Boulevard, which connects E and F Pier at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.