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Ronaldo to bring temporary peace to Haiti?

By Ben Kilbey in London

What will it take to put a smile on the face of the Haitians, devastated by chaotic rule and constant battle and also by natural destruction in the form of mass flooding?  There is one thing that just might, and it isn’t in the form of humanitarian aid, but rather in the form of a larger then life football legend, Ronaldo!  According to one of the UK’s leading broadsheets, The Guardian; ‘There is no exaggerating the appeal of Brazilian football here. Alongside Jesus and Mary, one of the few mortals to appear on tap-taps, the brightly painted local buses, is Ronaldo.’

It is hoped that when the Brazilian squad arrive for a friendly against Haiti that a shrewd method of disarmament will take place. For every ticket purchased at least one weapon must be surrendered.

The Brazilians will also be bringing 1000 footballs to distribute to the Haitian children.

For a full account of the Guardian article go to:,3604,1253919,00.html