Breaking Travel News Signs Deal With Pegasus has signed an agreement with Pegasus
Solutions, Inc.

to interface with Pegasus’ new PegsTour(TM) service.
The service will allow users to now pull allocated group
inventory and rates directly from the central reservation environment of
individual hotels participating in the PegsTour service. Since its start
in March 2000, thousands of professional tour operators and group leaders
have relied solely on group inventory and rates from’s
extranet system of close to 10,000 hotels—the largest such inventory of
its kind.

“It’s all about convenience,” says Scott Harness, president and CEO, “We want it to be convenient for our hotel members to
allocate and manage their group inventory and rates—be it from their
own central reservation system or through their online
account - while at the same time making it much more convenient for our
group travel planner members to find and book their group’s hotel rooms by
having even more hotels to choose from.”

“Hotel chains are very interested in PegsTour because they know many of
their individual hotels are bogged down with manual bookings,” says Heath
Kane, director of tour services, Pegasus Solutions, Inc. He explains that
hotels now have to handle all group bookings manually as opposed to having
those bookings automated through their central reservation system as are
individual bookings. will offer tour operators and other
group travel planners the ability to book their group rooms directly to
the hotels’ reservation environment, saving hotels considerable time and
money while providing the hotels’ customers with quicker and more
convenient service.”

“Four years ago when we started, we dreamt about the day
the industry would reach this point—the point that would allow for a
company like ours to seamlessly connect to thousands of hotels while at
the same time providing them a way to manage their group inventory, rates,
and resulting group bookings all through their CRS,” says Harness. “That
day is here and it is truly an honor to not only have been the company
that’s been leading the way in online group bookings, but that we have an
opportunity to continue to change and shape the industry by being the
first travel web site to sign such a deal with Pegasus.”