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Caribbean Star and Sun granted code share agreement

Caribbean Star Airlines today announced its
Code Share Agreement with Caribbean Sun Airlines effective 1st July. The
marketing agreement is expected to significantly boost revenue from tourism
and trade by enabling the airline to offer passengers more choice and more
convenience. It will also allow for the utilisation of common flight
numbers with respect to connecting flights, as well as a closer
synchronization of schedules in order to facilitate transfers.
The Department of Transport (DOT) recently granted the joint application by
Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun Airlines for authority to enable Caribbean
Star to place it code, advertise and sell air transport on San
Juan/Caribbean flights.

Caribbean Star Airlines presently flies to 13
Caribbean destinations while Caribbean Sun links the Caribbean to the United
States though its San Juan hub.

Caribbean Star Airlines’ Marketing Director, Sandra Scotland said, “The
agreement allows both carriers to compliment their route network, attract
new traffic and increase revenue. As far as I am aware, this is the first
time in the history of Caribbean and perhaps international aviation, that a
Code share has been granted between a US-registered and an OECS- registered

Scotland added that many airlines have created similar alliances as a way
to combine strengths.

The Code Share would include Antigua-San Juan and St
Kitts-San Juan in the first phase, while other destinations would be added
in the following phases.