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Simplifying The Private Jet Travel Trend

Air charter is usually the most economical way to fly in a private jet. But with hundreds of small charter operators across the U.S., travelers have had to search the Yellow Pages or go online to track down a reputable service with the right aircraft. Not any more: OneSky Network, a pioneer in the charter industry, is bringing together many of America’s finest regional air carriers while creating the premier online marketplace for air charter customers.
OneSky Network connects travelers with a quality national air charter fleet via OneSky has streamlined the aircraft selection process while offering more planes and options than any other charter network. Pricing and purchasing air charter will be a quick and effortless transaction. And OneSky delivers a flight experience that exceeds expectations in convenience, service, safety, and value.Ê

“Unlike pre-paid hourly travel cards and fractional jet-ownership programs, which require costly initial investments, OneSky is an on-demand program. Our passengers pay only for the travel they need, when they need it,” says Greg Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer. “With card programs and fractional leasing, the hourly price is fixed, but passengers pay 20 to 50 percent more than they should. The money saved with OneSky’s competitive pricing can put passengers in the next class of jet.”

OneSky’s unique profiling system selects and ranks planes according to the traveler’s specifications, ensuring that the right combination of aircraft features, safety certifications, and price points are part of the decision-making process. Customers can see photographs and detailed descriptions of actual planes, compare planes, and see why similar aircraft are priced differently. They receive a confirmation with a line-item quote of costs before booking a flight. It’s easy to customize a trip with movies, music, catered dining, communication capabilities, and more. OneSky saves customers’ preferences to streamline future reservations.

OneSky’s founders have more than 60 years of experience in the aviation and technology industries, and they are passionate about improving private air travel. OneSky is a partner of the Corporate Angel Network, a nonprofit organization that assists cancer patients by arranging free flights to treatment centers using empty seats on corporate aircraft.