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Personal Summer RevitalisationÊ from Penninghame Health Clinic

Summer is the perfect time of year for a complete cleansing overhaul, making necessary repairs and preparing for high summer holidays- but where to start, when your body probably feels like it’s been in hibernation-mode for months?To give you a helping hand, London’s Penninghame Clinic offers a complete body overhaul combining nutritional assessment with deep tissue massage and bio-resonance therapy which will leave you shining with health from top to toe.

Homeopathic Detox

The first step to fast-track freshness is to undergo a thorough assessment on the specialised Voll machine to track conditions of the liver, kidney and intestines. Used as a diagnostic tool, this is able to pinpoint problems, such as congestion in the lymph or liver. You will then receive a detox kit including three homeopathic remedies, one to clear the intestinal tract, one for the binary system (kidney and urinary) and one for the lymph as well as additional remediesÊ tailor-made to suit your readings,Ê enabling you to carry on your Summer Revitalisation all year long!

Nutritional Assessment

Penninghame’s nutritional specialist, Emma Lo will then guide you through an in-depth nutritional assessment which may comprise of hair mineral analysis, including tests to check body functioning. Such as blood tests, urine test, and if appropriate, adrenal stress index test and natural remedies to spring clean you, from the inside out.


Matix Regeneration Massage

The Matrix Regeneration Machine is perfect for very deep cleansing and ideal to eliminate toxins which have been building up during the winter months. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine ‘cupping’ device, which sucks on the skin and removes the toxins, it is ideal for purification and revitalisation.ÊÊ The Matrix Regeneration programme constitutes bio-resonance therapy which means that any organ deficiencies or problems can be read and treated using the vibrations of the machine at the right frequency. It is ideal before a treatment because it brings the toxins to the surface which aids detox. A deep manual lymphatic drainage massage follows to eliminate cellulite-producing toxins, slow down the ageing process and leave you radiant with health.

Says Sara Palmer, Manager of the Penninghame Clinic “It is incredibly liberating to get rid of the accumulated toxins and stress which can tend to build up over the winter months”.

The Penninghame Health Clinic is situated in central London, close to Marble Arch. For more details or to book an appointment, please call 020 7724 4004 or go to