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Pure Massage: There is Nothing to Compare to the Human Touch

In a setting of understated luxury ‘pure massage’ is dedicated to massage, real massage, simply massage and nothing else - where the dominant medium is our forgotten sense - touch. Located in London’s Fulham, and founded by Beata Aleksandrowicz and Jean-Marc Delacourt, pure massage promotes beauty from within and restores a healthy balance to body and mind. In today’s busy, modern world we often forget our needs. Human touch can comfort, lift emotions and induce happiness while removing niggly knots and aches.

Pure massage offers only the best massage, a blue-print for health, carefully designed for each individual. They believe that we should all take time to benefit from massage. In just one visit pure massage will make your health their priority and design your massage to answer your specific needs. The centre offers a variety of treatments and therapists are trained personally be Beata to the highest standards.

Treatments include:
The most popular treatment is Face Therapy, which is a programme of six sessions that will gradually lift and sculpt the face, making the skin firmer and smoother. The wrinkles will be less visible, the oval of the face more regular.
Face Massage is 60 minutes of pure bliss for your face. The massage concentrates on four areas, the face, neck, head and chest. The combination of relaxing and invigorating techniques will restore your energy levels, leaving you fresh, calm and ready to “face the world”. This treatment is suitable for men, women and children and can be enjoyed as often as you like.
Pure Massage, a body massage designed to regulate the systems within the body. A combination of Swedish, Tai and Pressure Point massage. The 30 and 45 minute treatments are back massages and the 60 and 75 minute treatments are full body massages
Pregnancy Massage - giving massage to a pregnant woman is perfectly safe. Benefits include greater muscle awareness, which can aid delivery, recovery of muscle tone and stress relief.
Senior Massage - this massage concentrates on joints and particular aches. Little daily doses of touch can make the difference between a lonely life and a more fulfilled one
On Site Massage - just pop in during your lunch break and ease that tired mind and body
Reflexology - a foot massage that uses specific pressure techniques stimulating the 72,000 nerve endings we have in each foot. The massage enhances energy flow, encouraging the body to heal itself and brings a great sense of wellbeing
Manual Lymphatic Drainage - a powerful tool to promote the body’s own healing mechanism. Regular treatments strengthen the immune system. Touch stimulates the lymph flow which carries substances vital to the body
Couples Massage Courses - get to know your partner again with the power of touch. Learn hands on techniques to ease tension and reduce stress ands learn how to nurture your senses again. Set time aside for you and your partner

The centre itself has been designed to have a calming effect on all visitors. Jean-Marc, the co founder of pure massage, trained as a Bulthaup designer and looked to the works of John Pawson and Christian Liaigre for inspiration. Clean lines and subtle lighting enhance the feeling of sanctuary and relaxation.

The on-site shop provides all you need for your wellbeing needs: pure massage Candles, Bath Oils and natural Body Care ranges, together with a comprehensive library on alternative health


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