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Etihad to Sponsor Horse Festival

For centuries, the purebred Arabian horse has stood as a proud symbol of the desert and the Arabian culture.  The breed is known for its speed, stamina, spirit and renowned loyalty.  Through many wars and countless campaigns, these attributes of the Arabian horse helped to shape the history and culture of much of the Middle East. 

Today, the breed has won converts among horse fanciers around the world.  Etihad Airways is proud to bring this important aspect of the Arabian heritage to Britain through sponsorship of the Arabian International Horse Festival June 11 and 12 at Lingfield Park, near London.  The show, involving many Royal Stables from across the Gulf, combines equestrian events with racing in both Arabian and thoroughbred classes.

“Etihad Airways is extremely pleased to share this important part of Arabian culture with European horsefans,” explained Kevin Steele, head of world sales for Etihad. “The Arabian horse tradition is an exciting and wonderful part of Middle Eastern culture that deserves increased exposure around the world.  We at Etihad are proud to be a sponsor of this thrilling event.”

This second edition of the festival is expected to attract a large number of international entries, as the popularity of purebred Arabian horses increases. In addition, tourist boards and government agencies from several Middle Eastern countries are providing cultural events and showcases at the show.  A number of leading Arabic TV stations will be providing coverage to the Gulf.