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Delta Enhances Solution for Delays and Cancellations

Delta Air Lines today
announced it has enhanced its industry-leading, comprehensive solution to
serve customers during flight delays and cancellations. Effective today,
the airline added the capability of automatically printing amenity
vouchers from its gate readers. When events warrant, customers will be able to use one of Delta’s more
than 800 gate readers to retrieve itinerary receipts (which act as new
boarding passes), plus vouchers for hotels and meals if needed. The result
will be shorter lines and fewer of them, while allowing customers to
remain in control of the travel experience.

The airline has tested these capabilities in nine of its busiest airports
since early April before implementing them systemwide. The test airports
were Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York-Kennedy, New
York- LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Orlando and Salt Lake City.

While this enhancement provides customers with more convenience through
the capability of collecting amenity vouchers from any of Delta’s gate
readers or scan printers, this does not represent a change in Delta’s
practices. At its discretion, Delta offers amenity vouchers to customers
who have been inconvenienced by circumstances under the airline’s control.

Automated amenities vouchers are part of Delta’s industry-leading,
comprehensive solution to improve service to its customers during flight
delays and cancellations. Delta offers its customers more options,
including improved gate information display and gate reader technology,
Delta Direct phones in airport concourses, enhanced lobby kiosks, and
continued access to Delta’s friendly, customer-focused professionals.

“These service enhancements give customers more choices, added speed, and
greater control, while keeping them out of lines,” said Rich Cordell,
senior vice president, Airport Customer Service. “While more than 70
percent of these situations are weather-related and out of an airline’s
control, whatever the reason for a flight delay or cancellation, we want
to ensure that our customers’ travel experiences are better, faster and
friendlier at Delta.”


The innovative products and services Delta offers its customers include: *
Delta Direct (DD) in Concourses - Available in airport concourses in six
stations (Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York-LaGuardia,
Orlando and Salt Lake City) to offer better and faster service to
customers during irregular operations. Also available in 66 airport
lobbies. - Delta Direct agents can rebook passengers, issue boarding
passes, recheck baggage, and more. - New self-scanners positioned near
Delta Direct update customers on flight status. - More than 550 phones
available by year end, including 450 in airport lobbies, and more than 130
in concourses. * Enhanced Gate Readers - More than 800 gate readers are
enhanced to provide customers with new flight/gate information. -
Customers can scan their previous boarding document or other bar coded
document and receive an updated itinerary that will serve as the new
boarding document for their next flight. - When warranted and at Delta’s
discretion, customers can use gate readers to retrieve vouchers for hotels
or meals. - With new gate reader technology, the customer can obtain new
flight information in seconds. * Enhanced Kiosk Functionality - When
flight interruptions happen, Delta kiosk customers will be advised at
check-in and can select a new flight from a list of alternatives. - Delta
has more than 800 kiosks in 81 airports, and will have more than 850 by
the end of the year. * New Gate Information Display Screen (GIDS) Feature
- Delta’s GIDS product, the most advanced in the industry, will display
customers’ new flight and gate information and their boarding status at
the new departure gate. - Delta has more than 480 GIDS available in 19
Delta airports. IROP Teams and New IROP Coordinator Role - Delta’s
proactive airport staff will direct customers to the fastest service
options. - Today, In addition to our Reservations Operations Coordinators
located in ATL, Delta has IROP teams in nine of Delta’s top connecting
cities. These teams work behind the scenes to rebook customers and get
them ready to board their next flight. - They will soon be assisted by
IROP coordinators in every Delta airport to help ensure our customers’
experience is consistent, wherever they travel.

“Delta is leveraging new and existing technology, and our airport agents
to improve customer service by quickly rebooking customers following a
flight inconvenience, keeping them informed, and getting them on the way
to their final destination,” said Cordell.

Delta’s service recovery solutions are available in the airline’s 81
renewed airports. Delta has invested nearly $5 million dollars in
technology to help customers who have been inconvenienced by flight delays
or cancellations. This is part of Delta’s $30 million investment to
transform the airline’s top 81 airports to improve the travel experience
for customers.