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60-seconds with Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert of Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism

The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism or CAST as it is more commenly known has a mission statement that is “To enhance the practices of the region’s hotel and tourism operators by providing high quality education and training related to sustainable tourism; promoting the industry’s efforts and successes to the traveling public and other stakeholders; and serving as a vital link to all stakeholders with sustainable tourism interests in the Caribbean region.” Caribbean Travel News took 60-seconds of CAST’;s program Managers time Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert…Name:
Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert

Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism

Program Manager

Past Careers:
Hotel Management

How many years with the company:

San Francisco, California

Nickname (s):

Biggest challenge:
making progress in a bureaucratic world

Goals for the future:
Own my own business - focusing on environmental and social capital

Most annoying thing people ask me:
“Are you American”

Best personal quality:

Favourite quote or phrase:
too many to list….

Favourite drink (both soft and alcoholic!):
Coke and Reposado Tequila

Latest book:
Fast Food Nation

Ghandi, Social Entrepreneurs

Favourite vacation spot:
Depends on my mood… Dolomites in Italy…

Latest online purchase:

In favour/not in favour of cruise industry:
industry In favour of more strict regulations of the industry and heavier taxation….