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Delta Launches Attendant Personal Defense Training

[image1_left] Delta Air Lines announced today
the launch of new voluntary personal defense training to its more than
14,000 flight attendants systemwide. Recognizing the importance of its
cabin crew as safety professionals, Delta was one of the first airlines to
offer comprehensive personal defense training to its flight attendants in

“Our top priority is the safety and security of our customers and our
people. We feel that we have a responsibility to our flight attendants and
our customers to prepare flight attendants to provide the best security
possible onboard,” said Anne Corry, director, In-Flight Service
Performance Systems. “Delta led the industry by initiating comprehensive
personal defense flight attendant training in 2002. This next phase of
personal defense training is an interim measure until the government
provides a program mandated by Vision 100, signed by President Bush late
last year.”

Delta’s program addresses the security needs and concerns of its flight
attendants. Training will be provided starting in August by Delta’s
In-Flight Service Learning facilitators who have been certified by
Illinois-based PPCT Management Systems, Inc., a renowned expert in
training to control unlawful and violent behavior.

“Our flight attendants continue to ask for personal defense training,”
said Corry. “They spend the most time with our customers, and they want to
build their knowledge and confidence in their own personal security so
they can provide that comfort to our customers.”