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US Airways Announces ‘GoFares’

US Airways introduced
the first phase of its new permanent and simplified low fares called
“GoFares(R)” today in Philadelphia, kicking off the largest awareness
campaign in company history. Employees will be performing “unbelievable”
acts of kindness as part of an intense nine-day highly visible promotional
campaign to tell Philadelphians about its new $29 - $499* GoFares. Best of
all, there is no Saturday night stay required to take advantage of these
new low fares in designated markets. US Airways’ new GoFares start at as low as $29* each way, with last-minute
fares as low as $49* each way. GoFares are never more than $499* each way,
and there are no Saturday night stay or roundtrip purchase requirements
typical of leisure-type fares.

“We have heard our customers loudly and clearly. They have told us that
fares are too high, too complicated, and that we need to do something
about that—and we are,” said B. Ben Baldanza, US Airways senior vice
president of marketing and planning. “Low fares are a reality of the
marketplace, and US Airways is adapting to these changing realities. This
wave is only the beginning, as we will continue to roll out GoFares in
other markets in the coming months.”

Baldanza added that unlike some of the other low-fare providers that might
require customers to sacrifice a level of service, US Airways offers much

For example, when traveling on US Airways, customers get: * Advance seat
assignments * Pre-boarding for Preferred Dividend Miles members * A First
Class cabin with the ability to upgrade from Coach Class on many fares *
In-Flight Cafe on select flights * Ability to earn frequent flier miles
for travel to and from more than 700 worldwide destinations through US
Airways’ participation in the Star Alliance beginning May 4.

Employees will be on the streets of Philadelphia with thousands of
giveaways and can be seen washing cars, feeding parking meters, and paying
for gasoline, to name just a few of the many community activities planned
over the course of the next nine days. These events will “pop up”
throughout the area without advance notice as acts of appreciation for
loyal US Airways customers and to call attention to the new GoFares. After
the kickoff week, additional activities will follow in the weeks and
months to come.


US Airways has many other airline partners, and a part of a GoFare or any
other trip might be on one of the partner’s airplanes. These GoFares are
available for travel on the US Airways Express carriers Allegheny, Air
Midwest, Chautauqua, Colgan, Mesa, MidAtlantic Airways, Piedmont, PSA,
Shuttle America or Trans States. A flight also might be operated by a Star
Alliance partner United Airlines(R). For all of the details about GoFares,
including a few other restrictions, please go to