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Travelzoo Surpasses 7 Million Subscribers

Travelzoo Inc. has announced that the Company’s
publications now reach over 7.0 million subscribers. This represents a 75%
increase over the 4.0 million subscribers Travelzoo counted in April of

“Travelzoo has established itself as the leading online information source
for travel specials and sales,” said Ralph Bartel, CEO of Travelzoo. “We
see continued interest from Internet users in our publications. We believe
that subscribers value our continued and relentless focus on quality


Travelzoo’s staff is passionate about delivering the highest quality
information to Internet users. Travelzoo’s producers review, test-book,
and filter thousands of travel offers every day. Travelzoo also operates a
Test Booking Center which checks availability of offers.

“While we deliver value to our subscribers by filtering through thousands
of deals every day to highlight outstanding travel opportunities, we also
provide airlines, hotels, cruise lines, vacation packagers, and other
travel companies with a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to reach
millions of consumers,” explained Ralph Bartel, CEO.