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VRX Appoints First European Director,Ms. Anna Pollock

VRX Worldwide Inc. is pleased to announce Ms. Anna Pollock
has been appointed to VRX’s Board of Directors. Ms Pollock brings many
years of travel industry expertise to VRX along with a wealth of
e-commerce, destination marketing, and public sector experience.

Ms. Pollock is currently CEO of DestiCorp Limited, a UK based company that
specialises in providing strategic e-commerce solutions to the global
hospitality and tourism industry. She has served in an executive capacity
or as senior consultant for a number of prominent travel associations and
organisations including the World Travel and Tourism Council, the European
Commission, the Pacific Rim Institute of Tourism, the Pacific Asia Tourism
Commission, the Canadian Tourism Commission as well as the Scottish and
English Tourist Boards.

“It’s an honour to welcome Ms. Pollock to our Board, she brings extensive
experience, expertise, and knowledge of the European travel markets to VRX
that will be crucial to our new European initiatives,” commented David
MacLaren, President and CEO of VRX. “The European online travel market is
poised for rapid growth in the coming years and Ms. Pollock’s expertise
will prove invaluable in helping VRX penetrate and address the needs of
the European travel industries.”

Since earning an Honours degree in Geography from the London School of
Economics and attaining the distinction of being a Commonwealth scholar,
postgraduate studies at Canterbury University, New Zealand, Ms. Pollock
has developed a special area of expertise in the development of new
business opportunities with an emphasis on e-commerce strategies. Areas of
focus include e-commerce as applied to destination management and
marketing and new business development and feasibility analysis.

“I am deeply honoured to have been invited onto the Board of a company
that, in my opinion, has set the standard for multimedia content
development in the tourism and travel industry,” stated Ms. Pollock. “VRX
also understands the critical importance of collaboration and the need to
develop markets through enabling partnerships. European suppliers are now
ready and able to make best use of their quality content and the customer
will be the direct beneficiary. I shall be pleased to contribute to their


In a related matter, the Company has granted 100,000 options pursuant to
the Company’s stock option plan having a term of five years and an
exercise price of US$0.45 per share.