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Stressed Travellers Demand Door-to-Door Treatment

Three out of four Britons travelling abroad would pay for door-to-door UK transfers as part of their holiday or business trip, according to new research.

While transfers from foreign airports to local accommodation have long been a standard feature of traditional holiday packages, getting to UK airports has always proved a headache for both business and leisure travellers.

As the research reveals, 45 per cent of air travellers claim it is the single most stressful element of their trip, and as a result, 76 per cent claim they would be prepared to pay for a pre-booked door-to-door service to avoid traditional means of transport.


The research was commissioned by Blueback - London’s first branded private hire taxi company - to determine how the different components of a trip abroad contribute to the overall travelling experience.



The survey found that the second most stressful element was airport procedures (cited by 23 per cent of those surveyed), followed by the flight itself (13 per cent).


Blueback found that the average transfer time to Heathrow Airport using public transport or a hire car was 1 hour 12 minutes from central London, despite being only 16 miles away. However travellers were most likely to allow up to two hours to reach the airport on time for check-in.


Scott Pielsticker, CEO of Blueback, comments:

“Getting to the airport is always the bit that you don’t plan until the last minute and then proves the most hectic.  With the growth of ‘DIY-style travel’ and the opportunities presented by ‘dynamic packaging’ within the travel industry, travellers have woken up to the idea that home-to-airport travel should be an integral part of holiday planning, just like transport at the destination.”


Research breakdown

The Blueback research was conducted in London via questionnaire presented to 500 travellers who have made a business or leisure trip in the last 6 months.