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Trust Delivers Multi-Lingual Booking Feature for Hotel Web Sites

TRUST International has announced a dynamic new multi-lingual booking feature for hotel Web sites. Recognizing that hotels have a wide range of customers to reach to sell their rooms internationally, and with approximately 6,500 languages spoken around the world, TRUST brings to market a new feature for hotels that allows them to communicate with clients of various languages right on their own Web site. The new tool, provided through TRUST’s Voyager CRS solution, is available to its customers, which operate in approximately 710 destinations and 98 countries worldwide.

TRUST’s online language tool is designed to immediately improve a hotel customer’s inclination to complete a booking on the site they’ve chosen, and return to that site to book again in the future. The customizable tool can be easily integrated into a hotel’s Web site to provide customers with real-time information related to room availability, amenities, cancellation policies, special packages, and confirmation information. Additionally, to address any questions a customer may have, the tool offers a chat button service, which can be added to any area of the hotel’s Web site. Customers who click the chat button reach a service agent through a live online chat and can address questions they have or make requests for additional information as needed.

“In just seconds, this easy-to-use tool provides our guests with the ability to make a booking in their native language with the confidence that room details displayed are accurate when they’re ready to complete their purchase,” said Daniela C. Wichelhausen, vice president, Marketing, Kempinski Hotels. “This is a valuable addition to Voyager CRS as it allows us to better service our international customers, who will greatly appreciate the ability to read important information about their hotel booking in their own language. We expect to see a significant sales increase as a result of implementing this solution.”

“Realizing our client partners face critical challenges throughout their business, we work with them to best understand how we can provide the most valuable and cost-saving tools to reach their goals. Offering our clients productivity-enhancing capabilities allows them to serve more customers and allocate their resources more efficiently, resulting in improved profitability,” said Michael W. McCormick, Senior Vice President, Cendant Travel Distribution Services.