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FlightScanner Announces GDS and Net fares integration

FlightScanner, the established search engine that already simultaneously searches multiple airline websites, has been enhanced to include GDS and Net fares.

FlightScanner has always searched a wide range of airlines websites, now it can be integrated with the GDS and Dolphin Privates Fares Air engine to provide a single selling platform for Published, Net and Web fares. The consolidated search and response platform allows the travel agent to simultaneously search from all fare sources and see the results returned in one screen, thereby giving its customers the best option from the full range of available fares.

Furthermore with prices starting from just £25 per month, for the first GDS terminal address configured, FlightScanner also provides an affordable opportunity to include Published fares with real-time GDS availability in FlightScanner results.

In particular, for those business travel agents and flight specialists that are looking for maximum automation, the extra connection to the airfares database Dolphin Private Fares offers the sophistication to include net fares. By loading negotiated airline rates into this net fares database FlightScanner can search and quote available net fares for the specified route. This is ideal for mid-sized agencies that, while having some complex net airline contracts, may not be able to justify buying a complex fare quoting system; the monthly subscription provides a cost-effective way to access top-end functionality without a large upfront investment.

Dolphin Dynamics President, Roberto Da Re explained, “We believe the latest FlightScanner functionality breaks new ground by giving a unified way to search GDS and Net fares along with web fares. Given the current industry trends we have consciously tried to make this sophisticated functionality affordable even to the smaller, independent agencies”.


The FlightScanner family of products is offered exclusively to bona fide travel agents.