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The China Guide Unlocks the Secret to Spas in China

The China Guide Unlocks the Secret to Spas in China

Spa visits have long been associated with travel to Asia but it is a challenge to choose from the many choices available and know which ones will offer the best service. The China Guide ( ), a premier China travel company, is offering relaxing massage and spa services as part of their high quality tours, with carefully selected locations for price and quality.

Not only are China’s spas a relaxing escape from sightseeing, but affordable pricing will let travelers of all budgets indulge.

Many spas in China are geared specifically towards tourists meaning that prices will be higher and quality does not always match the price. The China Guide carefully selects local spas that offer authentic service and are popular choices among locals, not tourist destinations. A variety of services can be arranged depending on personal preference, including full body massage, foot massage and both manicures and pedicures. The China Guide is also offering a unique service—blind massage, which is done by sight impaired professionals who excel at the art.

“We want our clients and all travelers to have authentic experiences in China, and that means visiting local spots and paying real prices,” says Judy Huang, Travel Manager of The China Guide. “We are well-advised about the best spas and try the services ourselves ensuring all standards will match with our North American guest’s preferences. There is a lot to choose from and we make it simple by pre-selecting the best and offering it as part of our tour and travel services.”

Services arranged by The China Guide are at charming spas that also offer complimentary snacks and beverages during the treatments. Guests can enjoy coffee, tea, fresh juices as well as light eats such as sandwiches, noodles and dumplings. For a complete evening experience, The China Guide also recommends a package that includes buffet dinner, full body massage and spa baths, the perfect ending to a long day touring the city.


Spa services can be included in one of the many tour itineraries offered by The China Guide. Travelers can also customize their own itineraries, working with The China Guide staff to include all of the desired locations and attractions.