Breaking Travel News Offers Alternative to Major TravelOutlets

TravelNet Solutions today announced the re-launch of the Resorts and
Lodges website.

now offers Resorts, Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental companies and other
travel service providers the unique opportunity to choose from several
different products or packages, take unlimited bookings or reservations,
and keep 100% of their sales. Since no commissions are taken, customers
are able to access detailed property information and contact properties
directly regarding bookings.

Most of the major online travel outlets charge their corporate clients
entirely based on commission. As more bookings go online, this causes
travel providers to give up a larger percentage of their bookings on an
increasingly larger percentage of their inventory. This results in
decreasing RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) for many properties.

“We provide an alternative model,” said Charles R. Bailey, President and
CEO of TravelNet Solutions. “We provide resorts and lodges of all sizes a
very cost effective means of promoting their property without giving away
huge commissions for each booking.”

ADVERTISEMENT allows travel planners to search for lodging by
geographic location, resort type or featured activities. The site provides
travel planners with detailed information about each property including a
short description, its location, cost, activities, languages, children and
pet policies, contact information and number of rooms. The site also
provides direct access to most properties’ websites. Many listings also
include property photographs.