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British Airways and Iberia take NDC strides

British Airways and Iberia take NDC strides

British Airways and Iberia have announced further progress towards mass adoption of NDC.

Both airlines have now achieved IATA NDC Level 4 Certification, which recognises that both airlines use ‘Full Offer’ and ‘Order Management’ messages with complex servicing, compliant with the industry standard NDC message schema.

They are also on track to achieve NDC @Scale Certification by the end of 2019. 

This is the highest certification level and acknowledges that the airlines have a minimum set of recognised capabilities to drive high volumes of NDC transactions.

Coinciding with this achievement and an increasing number of NDC connections, British Airways and Iberia are also announcing a further rollout of their Long-Haul Additional Price Points propositions, expanding them across a larger number of routes, including North Atlantic.


This builds on the success of currently available additional price points on short-haul and some long-haul routes.

Additional price points give the airlines’ trade partners access to greater number of fares when booking through NDC.

Both airlines intend to complete the expansion to all routes in 2020.

Furthermore, Iberia and British Airways will also expand the exclusive content offered through NDC, with more fares only being distributed through NDC.

From mid-December, Iberia will gradually offer its Basic fares only through NDC solutions, including the IAG booking portal, starting with selected domestic routes.

British Airways will follow on European routes in 2020.

This builds on the increasing demand for NDC exclusive content from travel agencies already connected to NDC.

Ian Luck, British Airways head of distribution, said: “Today’s announcement demonstrates our ambition to drive mass adoption of NDC and illustrates our continued investment in improving and enhancing our NDC proposition for our customers.”