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Bombardier E-mobility solutions redefine urban transport

Bombardier E-mobility solutions redefine urban transport

Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation presents the future of sustainable mobility at Germany’s 64th International Motor Show, from September 20 to 27. Under the theme “Pace-setting e-mobility solutions”, Bombardier will show how it is harnessing more than 100 years of experience in electric rail transportation to meet today’s challenges of congestion and pollution on the roads. The state-of-the-art BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion and control technology and game-changing BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE wireless e-mobility solution power electric vehicles quietly and efficiently – without noisy diesel sounds or CO2 emissions.

At the motor show, a 12m long electric city bus equipped with MITRAC and PRIMOVE technology will perform demonstration rides on a 1.8 km long test track. The vehicle has been developed together with the bus manufacturer Viseon.

Per Allmer, President Propulsion and Controls, Bombardier Transportation, said: “This groundbreaking vehicle represents the basis for a new product that redefines sustainable urban transport and the way we travel. Thanks to our long-term experience of integrating electric propulsion systems and our convenient PRIMOVE technology, we are able to extend our traditional rail technology portfolio to buses.”

Jérémie Desjardins, Business Leader PRIMOVE, Bombardier Transportation, added: “These innovations, developed at our Centre of Excellence for e-mobility in Mannheim, Germany, offer an integrated propulsion and charging package to operators and bus manufacturers. Together, MITRAC and PRIMOVE technologies facilitate the cleanest and most efficient buses.”

MITRAC technology is the heart, muscles and brain of a vehicle; ranging from traction and auxiliary converters as well as motors and gearboxes to electronics for all types of rail vehicles and now also eBuses. The MITRAC eBus portfolio includes two different propulsion and control configurations for three vehicle types ranging from 12 m to 18 m in length. These buses can be equipped with platform wheel drive, where each wheel is powered separately, or with a platform central motor, where both wheels on the rear axle are powered by a single unit. MITRAC equipment is used in rail vehicles from Bombardier as well as in vehicles of other manufacturers, offering high reliability, modular design, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.


In addition to buses, the PRIMOVE e-mobility solution supports all types of electric vehicles. Based on inductive energy transfer, it allows them to be charged in motion (dynamic charging) or at rest (static charging) without affecting driving habits or journey times. The invisible system uses wireless transmission of energy at very high levels of efficiency between components installed under the road or track surface and receiving equipment mounted unobtrusively under the vehicles. Reliable performance is ensured, even under adverse weather and ground conditions such as snow, rain, ice or sand. PRIMOVE technology is being tested and will be applied on trams, buses, minivans and cars in various locations in Europe including Augsburg, Berlin, Braunschweig and Mannheim in Germany as well as Bruges and Lommel in Belgium.