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Bombardier Aerospace Mexico Celebrates Five Years of Operations

“The Querétaro site is now integrated with Bombardier’s operations worldwide and is exemplary in the use of problem solving methodology and managing workforce flexibility. The site has made a solid contribution to Bombardier’s success throughout the last five years,” said Mr. Séguin. “We will continue to maintain the level of excellence we have attained and focus on continuous improvement.”

Bombardier’s first operations in Mexico included the manufacturing of electrical harnesses and electrical subassemblies. The company’s initial investment for the project was $200 million US, to be exercised over a seven-year period. However, the site’s rapid success and quality level resulted in additional work.

“We have a state-of-the-art facility, where we manufacture the rear fuselage for the Global aircraft family, the mid-fuselage for the Challenger 850 aircraft and the flight control work package for the Q400 NextGen aircraft. We also fabricate the major composite structures, including the fuselage and wing assembly, for the Learjet 85 aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace’s first business jet built primarily from composites,” said Mr. Gervais.

During the ceremony to commemorate this milestone event, Mr. Gervais also recognized 160 employees that joined Bombardier at the start of its Mexican operations.

“I remember when, just five years ago, we were a handful of enthusiasts that started working to develop our industry in Mexico,” added Mr. Gervais. “Today, as we celebrate our achievements from the last five years, we also look forward to the significant opportunities that lie ahead.”


Since its arrival, Bombardier has made a commitment to Querétaro’s community. In 2007, employees launched Causa Querétaro, a group of volunteers that supports a variety of local organizations. To date, the group has participated in more than 15 activities, involving more than 200 volunteers, that have benefited the community.

On November 4, 2008, Bombardier Aerospace announced its long-term support for the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve conservation project and allocated funds for the development of three projects with a high environmental, economic and social impact: watershed restoring and water catching, reforestation, and the development of productive, sustainable projects for communities.

Bombardier Aerospace Mexico has also established a long-term commitment with Hogares Providencia, where it supports nearly 60 children that are sheltered by this noble institution.