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Bhutan welcomes launch of new helicopter transfer service

Bhutan welcomes launch of new helicopter transfer service

Officials at the Tourism Council of Bhutan have welcomed the launch of a new helicopter transfer service run by Royal Bhutan Helicopter Services.

The new service will allow visitors the opportunity to see the mountain kingdom like never before.

The service runs from Paro International Airport and offers a new unique transfer to all areas of the country.

The experience will showcase the extraordinary mountainous scenery of Bhutan from an unparalleled vantage point; taking in a bird’s eye view of the country’s most spectacular landscapes, while travelling in style.

As a bespoke luxury experience does not have a fixed schedule and caters solely to client requirements.


Customers will be required to fill out a booking form a day prior to departure, which will include a security briefing.

The helicopters hold capacity for six passengers, and fares are determined on an hourly basis at a rate of US$5,000, plus a five per cent surcharge.