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AxisRooms enters into partnership with four travel websites

AxisRooms enters into partnership with four travel websites

AxisRooms, a hotel inventory distribution company, recently partnered with Splendia,, Travelocity, and Hotels4u (a Thomas Cook Group). The company’s market presence in the hotel distribution and revenue management segments is increasing due to their market acquisition of hotels using their platform and more and more online travel agents partnering with them on the distribution side.

“As we see, India’s online market is growing at a great pace, and AxisRooms’ hotel partners are firmly embracing the online world. Post-deployment of AxisRooms’ Channel Manager, Breakout Hotels, Kerala has seen business growth of up to 50 percent,” said Sajan Joseph, CEO, Breakout Hotels.

Anand Menon, Head – Marketing, The Serai Resorts (Coffee Day Group), said, “Until 2011, we were only working with 2 online portals and were manually managing through extranet access. Post-implementation of AxisRooms’ Channel Manager, we are now working with more than 10 online travel portals, increasing visibility and productivity on our online business.”

AxisRooms are increasing distribution partners in the coming months and are in discussion with more travel partners across the globe. AxisRooms are opening another vertical for distributing inventory to the offline travel market, bringing the whole inventory distribution under one umbrella.

Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO, AxisRooms, said, “Our platform is simple to use and gives data to hoteliers to manage their yield; thanks to our hotel partners, who have lent significant support and advice to build this platform according to the needs of the market. There will be a constant process to improve the features and business on our solution. We are not only a pure technology firm, but also a business-oriented firm, and we work towards giving the best productivity to our clients.”