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Avis launches ‘Untrending’ tool to get drivers off the beaten track

Avis launches ‘Untrending’ tool to get drivers off the beaten track

Avis Car Rental has launched Avis Untrending, an interactive tool that allows users to discover alternative locations a short drive from their chosen holiday destination.

Designed to inspire travellers to explore new places, Avis Untrending offers recommendations based on Avis travel data and an ‘Untrending’ rating, which measures the number of hashtags on social media.

To encourage travellers to ‘unlock their world’ and drive off the beaten track, Avis today also releases research alongside this which shows that we are a nation married to routine when it comes to holidays. 

The survey of 2,000 people reveals that only two per cent of Brits like to step out of their comfort zone when on holiday and more than a third have an unfulfilled travel dream.

Brits also go for the same type of holiday and location - a mere 17 per cent opt for a totally fresh destination every so often.


Nina Bell, Avis Budget group managing director for the northern EMEA Region, said: “Our online Avis Untrending tool was launched as a means of
inspiration for travellers to venture out of their comfort zone.

“We want to open people’s eyes to the fact that there are many places to discover just a short drive from their chosen destination.

“Our data shows that a third of people admit they’d enjoy themselves more if they stumbled across something new, which is why we are encouraging them to unlock the world and visit places they hadn’t previously considered.”

‘Untrending’ inspiration can be found here.