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Avis argues top talent could be lured by right vehicle

Avis argues top talent could be lured by right vehicle

According to new research from Avis Car Rental UK the key to attracting talent could lie in the type of mobility package offered as part of a contract.

Some 39 per cent of potential job seekers reported that the type of company car they are offered significantly influences their decision to join a small business.

Recruiting the best and brightest can make all the difference to the success of a company, particularly to those SMEs that rely on a small team of committed and capable employees to grow their business from a start-up to a corporate success.

The independent study also revealed the other key factors influencing a decision to join a small business, which include an opportunity to travel (14 per cent), good career progression (37 per cent), pension (29 per cent) and extra earning potential (32 per cent).

Louisa Bell, commercial director at Avis UK, commented: “While we have seen some positive and reassuring signs around the UK economy over the past year, it is still a very competitive market and whether you are a FTSE 100 or a small niche business, attracting and retaining talent is vital to success.


“For SMEs recruitment can be the biggest challenge and they often lose out to more established organisations that are able to trade on their history and their brand.

“However, as our research shows, a range of additional benefits can make all the difference in swaying the perfect candidate’s decision in joining your business.”

Following on from the theme of recruitment and resourcing, when it comes to key business functions, the research revealed that just 6 per cent of SMEs currently outsource their business travel needs to a travel management company, fleet management service, or similar.

With the number set to decline to five per cent in three years, the figures suggest that up to 95 per cent of small businesses are relying on internal resourcing to manage the business travel needs of their colleagues, instead of focusing on driving business growth.

As part of its Avis Business Solutions packages, Avis UK offers a range of flexible and cost efficient services that are catered to the unique requirements of SMEs – both off-the-shelf packages, and those that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual customer.