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Australians ditch domestic holidays for trips abroad

Australians ditch domestic holidays for trips abroad

Online travel experts Jetabroad have found that customers are increasingly choosing to spend their holidays abroad. Darin Walters, MD of Jetabroad, comments: “We have had many new customers come to us looking for flights to New York, London and other far-flung destinations – a large proportion of these people are not accustomed to taking such significant trips, yet with the Australian dollar where it is they wanted to take advantage of a time when they could get more value for their money.”

Roy Morgan, a market research company, has produced a report which provides similar conclusions. They found that only 57 per cent of Australians planned to take their next holiday within the country – this is the lowest figure recorded since 2006. Jane Ianniello of Roy Morgan comments: “‘Overseas holiday intention varies with the cost of an overseas holiday compared to a domestic one; and instantly with the very strong Australian dollar, it’s very hard for domestic destinations to compete.’‘

Walters believes this is excellent news for Australian travellers. He states: “As a nation, Australia has a healthy obsession with travel and we are always happy to help people embark on great trips overseas. The strength of the dollar, which is now worth more than a US dollar, has opened up so many doors and we are excited to see people taking flights to Las Vegas, Paris and other great spots.”

Walters concludes that it is natural that people are choosing to go abroad now rather than stay at home. He comments: “There are many fantastic things to see within the country, yet with exchange rates where they are, it is well worth taking advantage of this unique opportunity to see more of the world without spending a great deal of money.”